Flying Orb

This little ball is fun to play with. It fully charges via USB in about 15 minutes and gives you a good 10 minutes of continuous flight. It is available in 7 different colors.

Silicone joystick caps

Includes cute paws, Pokémon and Animal Crossing themed caps. 16 pieces perfect for Nintendo Switch

Vinyl drink coasters

Includes 6 retro coasters and one holder that looks like a record player

Motion activated toilet light

Choose from 16 different color settings. Funny or gross??? I’ll let you decide.

Rechargeable lighter

Charges via USBC. This windproof design is available in 5 different colors.

Eyeolgy Eye Massager

I get migraines a lot. This thing looks totally silly, but it works. I love this thing because it does heat and massage, AND I can bluetooth my music to it. It comes in 3 different colors, but, of course, I have the pink one.

Portable mini printer

Super cuter printer comes in pink or blue and includes 6 rolls of thermal printing paper.


The Original Tamagotchi Digital Pet You Loved In 1997 Is Back!

Retro boombox

This retro styled boombox has bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio, 4 band radio and shortwave radio SW1-SW2. Thankfully this updated boombox comes with a 110 power cable. You can use 4 D size batteries if you feel like taking it on the go.

Character sheet mask

Assorted 12 pack of cute critter sheet masks