10 thoughtful and practical gifts for your favorite book lover

metal book embosser

1. Personalized embosser

This lovely embosser is highly customizable. It has 15 designs you can customize or you can even make your own design. It comes with 100 sealing labels

2. 7 Piece Enamel Pin sets

Choose between 3 adorable sets of book themed enamel pins. They are perfect for decorating your favorite book bag.

3. Teal Agate Geode Bookends

These pretty agate bookends are sure to bring attention to any book shelf. Each pair is unique due to naturally occurring color and pattern variations.

4. 3 Tier floor standing display cabinet

This adorable, highly rated bookshelf would look cute in anyone’s personal library. It has 3 shelves and 8 different sections. It comes in FOUR different colors.

5. It’s a good day to read a book tee

This comfy, cute tee comes in seven different colors. It is super soft and the perfect gift for your favorite book lover.

6. Zippered book themed clutch bag

This handy zippered clutch bag comes in 29 different book themed styles. It’s great to toss in your book bag and hold your bookmarks!

7. Smells like a bookstore candle

Hand poured in small batches, this vegan soy wax candle makes you feel like you are in your favorite cozy bookstore. Proudly made in the USA, this candles boasts a 40 burn time.

8. Benefeet Sox 3D printed book/cat themed ankle socks

These super cute ankle socks have cats and books printed on them.

9. Vintage look library due date card coaster set

These cute, vintage look coasters would please any book aficionado. They look like old date due cards. This set of four have cork bottoms and come in a nice box perfect for gifting.

10. Marycele Book Vase

I have seen a similar one all over TikTok. This vase is meant to be filled with flowers, but I filled it with candy! It will look neat on your shelf, no matter what you put in it.