Great tech gifts under $25 to stuff those stockings

Slim USB C battery pack

This super slim USB C battery charging pack will charge up to 3 devices at the same time! Available in several different colors, including pink and green 🙂

Loop Quiet ear plugs for noise reduction

Loop earplugs are great for quieting the noisy world around you. The do not totally block out all sounds, but help you focus on what you wish. Available in 9 different colors.

Ancel Universal OBD II car fault code scanner

Ever get an error light on your car and wonder what it means? Could it be as easy as something like an your coolant level is low? This cool scanner can connect to your car and let you know what the error code means.

Perilogics universal airplane phone mount

This cute little gadget has a ton of uses. You can use the mount on the back of an airplane seat, or on your desk or a kitchen cabinet. It’s not JUST an airplane mount. It is super small and can be tossed in your carryon 🙂

Amazon Echo Dot

I love my Dot! I can ask Alexa to play music, tell me the weather, set reminders and more. Alexa is super helpful for my forgetful brain 🙂 (Currently on sale 54% off at $22.99)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

If you don’t own a “SMART” TV, get this awesome little Fire TV stick and then you have access to all your streaming services on your TV. (Currently on sale 50% off at $24.99)

Logitech POP Mouse

This great little mouse will allow you to easily connect to 3 different devices. It is available in 6 different color patterns. I have the Cosmos Purple and love it. (Currently on sale 50% off at $19.99)

Netgear dual band wifi router

Covers up to 750sq ft and 10 devices! (Currently on sale 25% off at $14.99)